Still stunning in the awkward corners

The wedding and party season is well and truly with us, we can tell by the number of enquiries every day that you are all seriously busy organising and celebrating.
So for anyone wanting something different or trying to find a solution for a tricky spot we hope we might have the ideal solution.
Our workshop geniuses have put together a beautiful new option for our ARGENTI and AURUM bars which allows for some great new designs.

4.7m long wave bar in ARGENTI

4.7m long wave bar in ARGENTI

We can create sinuous curves in a long wave bar or a concave semi circular bar as below to make a feature of a lobby or alcove.

Still plenty of storage space and the fully mirrored returns but now also with 1.2m long straight sections for smaller spaces or extensions to long bars.
All options available now so do get in touch for more details if you think this might suit your plans.


New Year, New Shapes

New for 2015, we thought we’d make thinks curvy and extra adaptable this year so we’ve invented new sections for our ARQUS and AURUM bars. Hopefully we might also be able to offer this in IMBRIS soon, so if you fancy that for an event do let us know.
So enough explanation, here are a few images to whet your appetite.
Here it is in gold (AURUM).
ARG wave
And in silver (ARGENTI).
Mia 2  copy
And for those of you at the planning end of things, this is how the shelves work at the back, so still plenty of storage.
Tam 3
We also now have half length straight sections, just 1.2m long. These will be useful for venues with tricky access, tight corners or lifts, or where you need a greater choice of sizes to suit available space or budget.
This will even work as a tiny reception desk or food station or as an impressive plinth for floral displays.
More images coming soon….

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It’s been a pretty sparkly year at Bar Bazaar so here are a few snap shots from some of this year’s events for our ARGENTI bar.

Arg Straight w Curved Ends 2 Arg Straight w Curved Ends 1 Arg Straight w Curved Ends 12 Arg Straight w Curved Ends 14 Argenti Straight 11 Argenti Straight 28 Argenti Semi Circle 29 Argenti Quad 7 Argenti Full Circle 2 Argenti Full Circle 35

Argenti Full Circle 45

Plenty more in 2015……..


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The MIRUS is one of our most flexible bars, from just one unit like this,

single 1.5m MIRUS as reception         20140428_104313

which can be an intimate bar, reception desk, food station or shop counter, it also builds to this….

 Kent Uni (4)          Kent Uni (7)

It also comes in Black.

MIRUS London Fashion Somerset Hse BLACK (3)

We can add bespoke counters.


And round the back at the business end it is immensely practical.

4.5m White MIRUS rear with coolers (1)          Bar Bazaar

We can build internal and external corners,

3m white reverse corner

apply branded graphics,


and whatever the occasion it always has a high shine finish.


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Pick our brains and take the stress out of finding your perfect bar

If you are planning an event there is always plenty to do so why not make at least one element easier.

Argenti O2 Brits14

We have a whole range of stunning but practical bars, designed to be quick to install but flexible to use. So whether you need a simple but classy reception desk or a colour changing central island bar we can find something to suit you.

On/Off Autumn WinterJulian J Smith.20/2/2010

Virgin Media Cable Con party..

We have plenty of experience in installation and working with catering companies and flair bartenders so we can talk you through the practical options without ruining your choice of centrepiece.


We can guide you through tricky access, difficult colour choices, paint matching for branded events, application of graphics and positioning of sinks, ice wells, speed rails and much more.

Talouse Odessi 4m branded Carling

We can also help with tailor made counters, special installations for pop up coffee bars or restaurants and much more.


Whatever the finish you need just let us know and we’ll take at least one thing off your to do list.

0208311 4477 monday to friday 7am – 4.30pm.



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In case you haven’t met us yet.

For anyone who is new to The Bar Bazaar and what we do; please do come and say hello.

We have a beautiful range of bars and lovely crew, who will take excellent care of your venue and do their utmost to give you a bar you can be wowed by. Whatever your event give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll find the best bar for you, however you plan to party.

We love weddings and award ceremonies, conferences, family celebrations, building launches, pr events, in fact any time you are planning a good time.

Have a look at the range at but if you don’t see what you want, call us anyway as we design and build all our own bars so anything is possible. You can see some of our events below with more at barbazaar on facebook and do connect with us on linked in and twitter, we’d love to hear what you are up to.

Don’t be shy come and say hello.

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And now in Gold…….

Our Argenti bar is very popular at all sorts of occasions, so much so that a client contacted us recently to see if her event could have the same thing but in Gold. Well we don’t like to say no when someone has their heart set on something so we did our best to please. Forget the Golden Globes we can now offer you a 3m diameter fully gilded circular bar for any occasion demanding some serious bling.

Need a centrepiece for a golden wedding, 50th anniversary or wedding celebration?

Need a centrepiece for a golden wedding, 50th anniversary or wedding celebration?

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